A2GT deliver a wide range of user-friendly softwares:

  • Specialized Routing Services

Manage your vehicle fleet and optimize transportation costs and efficiency through specialized routing services that take into account personalized parameters.
For agricultural vehicles, commercial fleet, delivering services, transport simulations, etc.


  • Data Quality Management Services

Assess and improve the quality of your geospatial data for more reliable and efficient analysis and decision support. Understand the impact of data quality on the decisions that you are about to make based on these data.
Rely on a user-friendly software package designed for non-experts where various data quality parameters can be visualized and analyzed.


  • Real Time Notification Services

Clients can receive, in real time, all the data, updates and reminders that they need as soon as they become available on the web or in the designated data sources.
Receive notifications from remote sensor networks that are deployed to monitor environmental conditions.
For purposes that include agriculture, urban management, public health and safety, habitat monitoring, flooding or forest fire risk management, etc.
Receive notifications of real-time events or alerts on your mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet.
Easily organize and define subscriptions to the alerts based on type of alert, geographical location, or time.


  • Data Mining and Analysis Services

Extract from the data the information that will help you make informed decisions. Discover patterns in your customers’ behavior, perform statistical analysis to understand trends, interpolate or extrapolate the data for estimates at different levels of details.
To analyze urban patterns or demographics, to support epidemiological studies, for marketing purposes, to extract information from social medias, etc.


  • Web 3D Services

Recreate, visualize and explore 3D phenomena and objects, including landscape models, city models, textured building models, vegetation objects, and street furniture. Explore 3D scenes at different scales and level of details with efficient real-time rendering. For urban management, architecture projects, historical monuments, augmented reality applications, mobile applications, etc.


  • Metadata management services

Update your ability to search distributed data resources and avoid misuse of their content through metadata management services.
Enables you to upload and edit metadata, and annotate data items and web services with homogenous terms.
Supports the creation of taxonomies of keywords for improved searching through voluminous sets of documents.
Facilitates data sharing across applications.


  • Data integration services

Integrate different, heterogeneous data sets into a single, homogeneous dataset.
To integrate datasets with different spatial and temporal scales, and different levels of details.


  • Web mapping services

Display maps on your Web pages and GIS, such as risk maps for disaster management and urban planning, natural resource management, or public health monitoring.


  • Open Data

Find and exploit open data that will support your business goals or help you enhance your services.
We help you discover open data sets that fit your business’ needs, assess its quality, and integrate it with your own data.